Only members in good standing are admitted.
No profanity or abusive or malicious language shall be directed to any member at any time.
Member will have their guest sign the register book. A member in good standing must accompany all guests. Members shall be responsible for actions and behavior of their guest.
Any guest eligible for membership is welcome to the club quarters three times. On the fourth visit he must submit an application for membership, as a regular or associate member.
Any individual not eligible for membership shall not be allowed in the
club quarters except for functions when the general public is invited.
The club Steward, on duty, is the duly appointed representative of the board of directors. He is totally responsible for the club interests while on duty. In this capacity, he may decline to serve any member or guest and may request them to leave the club quarters.
A member who willfully destroys club property will have his club privileges revoked immediately and will be subject to the action of the house committee.
The club quarters should always present an eloquent business appearance.
All members should assist in meeting this objective by individual effort such as coats and/or jackets should not be left on chairs or stools and on/or the back of chairs.
The house committee will be responsible for complete enforcement of the rules. Any member who violates these rules, or is guilty of conduct unbecoming a member of this private club will be brought up on charges.
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